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Me and my animals

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 april 2013 21:29

Yes that has been my weekend, a quiet one with my animals. We have had sunshine and I so enjoy our new place. Now the countryside is gorgeous here, lush green fields and singing birds in the trees. I can feel peace now that I have this little spot of nature and freedom to care for my animals the way I want to. In this place it feels like we can just BE and it is just what I needed, my soul can take deep breaths here. I feel relieved when I see my boys grazing and being able to be horses.

Donoso getting used to chilling out after work

Start, the girls, Tico and Trueno (Javier's chestnut colt) is outside all day long. Today I saw that someone had been nibbling on Starti's tail, hmmm it looks like it's the 'Tiki-tiki' gangster that has been playing with uncle Starts Grand Prix tail over the fence. Lucky for him his mummy loves him ALOT and I am surprised I didn't even get upset.

Tico has had diarrea since he came back from hospital. He is fine, happy and never had fever or any other symptoms, just a bad tummy. I think it was the antibiotics he was given that did his stomache in so I have been giving him various things to get it stabilized like tummy protection Omeprazol, charcoal, Probimin, antiinflammatory, and a natural paste for bacterial flora. But now he's had enough of stuff he thinks (he is very opiniated and knows what he wants and does not want) and tomorrow I will get results from labtest. Vet's have been out to see him regularly, great vetservice, and of course Tico has charmed Miguel that sits down with open arms and says 'Come to daddy' when he sees him :) This vet is now my mother's (grandmother's) favourite spaniard. I don't want to treat Tico more until I know exactly what is causing the problem, I am not for giving alot of antibiotics as it is a very agressive treatment and eliminates the good bacterial flora aswell as the bad. The other option is that he is lactointolerant and has a inflammed intestine because of that. But he's perfectly happy, looking divine and his breathing is now totally normal, 30/ppm in rest. 

Doggies have their own little beds in the tackroom, Betty sits in front of gate keeping watch all day whilst Viggo is running around the fields playing with Tico and the others. Today I was lounging Start and Viggo at the same time, Vig's new thing is to chase the end of the whip whilst I wave it around and he get's it no problem. Friday evening one of the owners came around to give me a new and safe lock for the gate, a brilliant unbreakable one, nice to have considerate people around you that care. 

Hope you have had a good weekend and don't forget to enjoy spring now when it's here!


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