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Blogging under the velvety spanish sky

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 juli 2013 22:11

I adore the summer, love love love the warm, velvety evenings when you can sit outside and sip on a frozen margarita like we did in Madrid city yesterday! Today I spent all afternoon and evening in stables. Yet I have not ridden even one horse, so much to do! As the sun now fries everything all of the horses stay in during the day and go out in the morning or evening. Trueno the 1 yearold colt has left for California, good luck with him, he will be a tall awesome mover! And Infanta left for France, it was abit late to cover her again I prefer to get foals in spring so they get raised on grass. 
This evening Donoso got the big field as small boys where inside, he loves it! I gave girls and Tico got some beauty-treatment and a haircut. Tico (now adolescent) had to protest so when I got hold of his nosy-nose mummy got upset and pushed me to defend him, beautiful beautiful mum, she has had to put up with me doing so much with Tico, she always let me but you can see she suffers it. Both her and T are sensitive individuals but as they trust me they learn incredibly fast. Picara is so wise I just adore her. Nova got some laser treatment on her wound that is healing well but it swollen on the inside. Tico and Donoso are now speaking to each other, Tico imitates him. I have bought best quality garlic so they can sweat away the flies and boost to immunesystem, stables smell lovely! 


Exciting news! A young beautiful black super mover is soon heading for Sweden, I selected a special one for my friend and when she saw him move she suddenly howled out her happiness like a true viking decendant! We were all stunned and very happy she fell in love! I look forward to follow them both, pictures soon. 

Here my darlings this evening, have a great sunday tomorrow! 


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20 juli 2013 23:41

Viktoria, googla "forskning hästar och lök". Man har konstaterat att hästar inte kan bryta ner ett ämne i vitlök, i all lök - hittade det när Llaneti blev så utsjuk första året här. Man vet inte exakt vilken dos de tål innan njurarna blir skadade, men vid dagligt intag blir det snabbt giftigt. /E-L

L Viktoria M Sandberg

21 juli 2013 02:55

Tack Eva-Lisa!

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Ingela R

23 juli 2013 17:07

Jätte fin hedder du har nu. Med namn och allt. Bara du som fattas ;).

L Viktoria M Sandberg

24 juli 2013 10:12

Tack Ingela!

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