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A follow up on diluted colours

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 maj 2013 14:46

So another weekend has passed and this weather has been super strange, cold and wintertemps so all horses have been tucked in their fluffy beds with closed windows. But this weekend I could finally leave the mares and Tico outside over the night comfortably. Boys are now taking turns in the big pasture, they loooove it! Hagge has lost a shoe but Donoso doesn't get a scratch. Start is the perfect live-lawnmower and doesn't move faster than a snail.
Finca is  s l o w l y  coming together, last week; The plummers. It was interesting to enter stables and see NO tubes,  anywhere,.. I finally found them,.. along the floor.. Either it is some hightech super great invention or it is totally hmm incompetent,.. but hey I am not a plummer so what do I know, at least it looks nice, so I decided will just leave it to the spaniards to work it out.. I have started to ride the boys again but my wrist is painful so I have to take a little more care and give it more support. So tomorrow to the doctor, how boring :(

I've made the following write up as a complement to the blogpost on colour breeding and registration I wrote last year;

From scientific knowledge we can learn how different genes work on a basic level. However we can only learn so much from reading and calculating science and I have come to the understanding that in the end it is nature that has to teach us. If genetics were an exact science and nature did not take unexplicable leaps we would certainly not have this colour spectrum in the PRE race. And we would have many grey PRE horses, so thanks to nature we have the wonder of many beautiful colours to enjoy! Below more examples of PREs with rare colours and examples of colours with genes that does not manifest clearly in the coat of the horse. Please feel free to give me any thoughts or questions, enjoy!

Black PRE stallion Smoky blacks can be difficult to distinguish from a regular black. Below is a regular black PRE even though coat is darker bay or chocolate and he also has the lighter hairs in the ears which are traits of a smoky black. 


Smoky black PRE stallion with one dilution gene (Cr)

Jet black PRE stud - Delegado Mac, out of both grey parents (Sire to Halagador)  

Grey PRE mare; Genetyped grey EEAACrCrGg, however she has the coat of a perlino (blue eyes), she is also a double dilute. This is Laia, an example of the hidden grey gene and of course impossible to know her genecode by looking at her coat.

Here a genetyped black PRE foal with blue eyes, adding to the challenge and wonder of colour breeding! Further geneinvestigation will be made of this special foal in USA. 


Isabelo PRE stud stallion (double pearl, PrlPrl), Sol PM II, a descendant of registered grey and bay parents, each parent has a single prl, this is a recessive gene and a single copy of this gene does not manifest clearly in the coat (hidden gene) (Sire to Ártico VIK)

Bay PRE mare with hidden pearl (single prl)   

Smoky cream PRE filly (Black CrCr) 

Pseudo perlino/isabelo PRE colt (Cr/Prl) 


Bay PRE filly with hidden pearl (single prl)

Cremella (CrCr)

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3 juni 2013 15:29

Interesting reading! The bay filly with single pearl is a real beauty, phew. Caramba seems to produce only bay offspring, at least visibly. :) Quìmico has a metallic shimmer in his coat that is almost fuchsia in the sunlight, his coat is supreme. He's gelded now, btw, and landing from his hormone-high what is left is an absolutely totally sweet character oh my God... as soon as he recovers from the operation training begins. At 4 yrs he's "only" 1.55 but he still has some to grow I think. Very gentle and emotional horse, as is Rosita, must come from Doctor because Carambas Donoso offspring is super smart and with lots of will. Princesa only needs one presentation and then she gets it. Spraying against insects today for the first time - no problem. Pleased to report that we now have super "sommarbete" for all mares and fillies! Heavenly place. And, we have had three weeks of total sun (one day of rain, one with clouds) here, +30 in the sun, 22-25 in the shadow. :)!

L Viktoria M Sandberg

3 juni 2013 16:53

Thank you for a great update on your horsefamily! It seems the climate has swopped countries, well I am happy you and the horses get some sun even in the northpole. Enjoy your horses and the summer!

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Lisa Cassiano

3 juni 2013 19:24


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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2018 19:25

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Here watching the European championships, such great riding!! Thank You so much everyone for your warm and kind comments and messages, it really does help. It is terrible to loose a horse always but this time it has been alittle bit worse than 'norma...

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Dear all, I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as you can!?! I am right now rearranging our breedingprogram and I have decided to sell our broodmares as we now have a line of progeny of the mares including fillies and two new studstallions fr...

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Hello everyone in the middle of the summer hope you are enjoying the sunshine!!  4 horses in vikingafarm are now in full training and there is no time to be lazy! I have been selecting horses for clients and here are two of PRE both with 100% mind/bo...

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So have we said goodbye to Kiko our beautiful baby. Nature has had its course and wisely decides what is to be and what is not. And we have to accept and let go. Kiko was born too early, he was premature and weak and was not able to eat himself. I go...


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