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Halagador in pictures 2010-2013

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 juni 2013 12:54

Halagador is in super shape, his coat has never been more shiny and he is having fun! His natural excercise has done him great. He is at the peak of his life, he knows who he is and is proud of it. He is keeping fit with his daily work-outs on the pessoa and enjoying relaxing days in the super grass we are lucky to have at this time of year.  

Halagador waiting for his turn out in the grass
'Hagge' is the horse that has never had a injury, a colic, nor the slightest scratch, he can be outside and relaxed all day long. Halagador was sold to USA but came out came out postive on piro on one of the tests and doubtful on another, for export negative is compulsory on all 4 parts. We also had him tested for EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis) which was negative. EVA is caused by an arterivirus (equine arteritis virus, EAV). The piro test measures the levels of antibodies from a certain tick carrying a parasite called piroplasmose and when postive it means at some point the horse has been bitten and has developed antibodies. It does not mean the horse is ill. Most horses in Spain has at some point been bitten by such a tick and for export the levels of antibodies need to be whithin a certain limit. USA basically has 0 tolerance for any levels. I still have not seen a horse ill from piroplasmosis but I have read about cases of horses with very low immunesystem and if anemic, they can develop the disease, they get high fever, loose weight and if they do not get treatment the infection can be lethal. Start had very high levels of piro when I bought him but he has never had any symptoms. A very big part of the horsepopulation in Spain come out piropositive if tested, we know for a fact as we have had many horses tested for our clients over the years. None of these has had any symptoms either and would pass the veterinarian exam perfectly, so it is necessary to have the horse tested to find out the levels.

Piroplasmosis is not directly contagious from one horse to another, only via direct blood transfer. So if it is not a contagious disease why bother to include it in the import protocol one can wonder? Well there is a risk a horse can carry tick during transport, it can seem abit unlikely but there is always the possibility. It can seem alittle radical and rather a question of the governments making trading with other countries difficult, which to a point can be understandable, all countries prefer to enourage their own trading. With these experiences I have never considered piro a important health issue for the horse, only necessity for export.
Human infection with equine piroplasmosis is extremely rare. 

Here Halagador's lab report, with a funny name..

Halagador is now for sale as one of the most exclusive black PRE stallions in the world. After testing he now has a new price, which is reflecting;

1. The need to find him his new person as he is superflous for both Javier's and my breedingprogram. 
2. Because of my fibromyalgia I am not able to ride a 3rd horse for dressage competition/training.

3. Economic situation in Spain.

4. The decreased possibilities of international clients because of testresult of piroplasmosis.

I clearly want to point Halagador is now a oportunity and that his new price is certainly not not representing his real value. Anyone seriously interested in him and able to offer him a good him,  is most welcome to contact me for more information. Yesterday I got a booking on Halagador for 3 black mares in Spain for January 2014. I have had inquiries on him for international breeding, but we have not been able to accomodate as he is not available on frozen semen. He definitely has a market as a studstallion, there are not many black homozygous PRE stallions around of his quality and beauty in the world! I would be happy to refer breeders interested in him as a stud to the prospective new owner.
Halagador breeding 2011
Here some random pics over collected over the soon 3 years he has been with us, some are from his early years as we knew him from 3 years of age. 
May I also add that Halagador is pure pleasure to just watch everyday, to me he is black PRE nr 1. Only for sale to the best hands!  Enjoy!



And here he is today! 7th of June 2013.

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8 juni 2013 18:34

Han är jätte snygg hadde gärna haft honom hos mig 😃

L Viktoria M Sandberg

8 juni 2013 20:02

Tack Pia!

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Lisa Cassiano

8 juni 2013 22:43

When I read Walter Farley's book "The black Stallion" as a child I believe it was Halagador I saw before me. He truly is that jet black stallion that is so beautiful that you think he came out of a fairytale! He is certainly the most gorgeous horse I have ever seen! His new owner will be a lucky one. He truly is a dream, a stunning and powerful dream!

L Viktoria M Sandberg

9 juni 2013 01:55

Thank You Lisa! Yes when we bought him it was a big dream for me coming true, he was the most beautiful black horse I had seen, and he still beats them all! We also bought a jet black sister to him as they both represent my favourite black bloodline. I know that if he leaves I will never find another black horse, he is the black pearl. So I can only agree with you, thank you so much for your appreciation and words!

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Viktoria till Charlie

9 juni 2013 17:41

Charlie din kommentar försvann, ngt fel här! Jag jag håller med, vi står varandra nära och han känns som en familjemedlem, men ibland får man tillfällen i livet att praktisera 'letting go', Hagge är ett sådant tillfälle, jag har uppenbarligen inte så lätt för det. Men han säljs med betäckningsrätt,... ;) Tack!

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Ingela R

12 juni 2013 20:26

Jag önskar det kunde regna lite manna över mig från himlen, nu. Halagador är min absoluta favorit. Är mycket svag för svarta hästar. Har ju ett svart halvblods sto.
Din nya lilla krabat, blev det Briliantino?, verkar ha potential att bli något stort. Vackra ögon har han också. När får du hem honom? Lycka till med båda småttingarna!

L Viktoria M Sandberg

12 juni 2013 21:39

Tack Ingela! Ja det blev Brilliantino, får hem honom om några månader när han är stor nog att stå på egna ben utan mami :) Håller tummarna för ett manna-ösregn över dig ;)

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13 juli 2013 10:55

Han är verkligen amazing, han är min dröm!
Ett föl efter honom med mitt Warlandersto Intencia hade blivit fantastiskt!
Hade jag vunnit på lotto hade han mer än gärna fått bo hos mig :)

L Viktoria M Sandberg

13 juli 2013 15:59

Tack Sofia!

    Kom ihåg mig



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