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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 augusti 2014 14:35

Heeeeeej, long time no see!! Hope  you are still here and enjoying summer! Blog etc has been off as I live with my animals and don't have normal go-away-holidays I try to break routines and get into new energy like that. Many things has happened and all is positive, I have sold two very interesting PRE's to USA and one fantastic mare to Sweden. I could not go to Sweden this summer Sweden came here and I have enjoyed company from old and new friends. Since Donoso could not attend  competition because of allergy and I signed up with Start instead. Starti is a hotty so first day I tried a calming non-doping product recommended by vet which worked, second day we did not have this and so we had a warm-up with non stop correction back-ups and doing nothing correctly, scary! Good time to meditate nerves :)  But believe it or not we scored a personal best of 66% in Intermedia I, winner on 66,8% so had Start not exploded the tempis two's that he can do in his sleep we had won! Great feeling when it was done haha!


Donoso was totally healed after me smearing him with various creams and ointments 3 times a day and will now be getting back into work again. He's been happy being the king of the farm and teaching one of my visiting friends.
Three USA mares are now confirmed in foal with Donoso VII and the semen has arrived to Australia.
Donoso and Pyret from Sweden training at home in the lovely summer evening
Yeguada Ganga, represented by Jessica and her black PRE stallion Cofrade II, has joined our training program and moved to our farm. We have been training intensely for 2,5 weeks to get them into a competition mode, realistically knowing this competition was about experience rather than winning because Jessica really wanted to do a PSG with her horse. So we got into it big and worked hard to get the advanced movements for PSG (she had never done tempis for example :)) so we have all been sweating away in the heat! Coco have had some muscle ache naturally as his body is being reconstructed, so we have been massaging and giving him necessary supplements to be able to do this one competition positively. Jessica and Coco has been together for 7 years now, they have passed many different trainers and stables but have not been properly supported with their training but rather told about limitations and told how she should buy herself a nice new horse (read expensive, sold by current trainer). Which I think is more an indication of the limitation of the trainer's ability to teach and lack of humility and respect rather than about the student. God knows it's not always easy to believe in yourself and of course there are limitations but better to focus on possiblities as limitations can catch up with all of us at some point. So it was a big day yesterday for Jessica and Coco doing their PSG debute, a first for both of them at this advanced level. They finished with a very good feeling despite fatigue and got a very decent scoring and result of 58%! Jessica's goal is to compete for India in the future as she has a double Belgian/Indian citizenship. Wish them luck!

Jessica Rangaraj and Cofrade II in Prix St George debute

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 maj 2014 22:31

Uplifting, inspiring and fun, how greatful am I not to have the oportunity to get help from olympic super spaniard, Juan Manuel Muñoz is not only a excellent rider he is also a great teacher! Felt a genuine support and got the help I needed, great, thank you so much!! Start first day and Donoso second. I have changed routine for Start as he is very hot and moody, so he has been grazing and all day in paddock inside during the night. Start is a super kind horse but with a big personality and when he doesn't like something he definitely don't like it. A year ago I fell badly from a chair trimming one of his ears and since then he has not let me touch that ear, so I let it be. But now a few days ago he was ok and normal with his ear again. However working he is still very hot! So I asked Juan Manuel for help with getting him regular, here working principally on this.
Hope you like it!


Then to the passage/piaffe transitions to get them more even, quiet and better balanced.  

Canterwork and tempis; Practising self-carriage and control of my leg and Start's hindlegs. At times I loose the feeling of my legcontact in the tempi-ones, so to maintain contact I compensate with handcontact instead of maintaining all contact with my leg. So I asked for help with this. 

So to get there; Activation of hindlegs, more legcontact and lighten up hand, got it!

And finally pirouette work with Start; 

With Donoso I wanted to practice bases for balance, selfcarriage and getting lighter in hand and front. And as I have no help from the floor normally I asked for this to get him more on his hindquarters. So we did with this kind work, laterals shoulder in, half pass and collected workouts. 
Donoso VII 

And final work with Donoso!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 april 2014 12:54

Happy rainy monday, we have had a glorious sunshine and some active days here, student Chloe has just left for her home in England, she will be missed! 

Summary of our training days, we started to feel the horses out riding at home to see which horse/es fitted best, Chloe is a talented young rider with a very good feeling for dressage and ability to ride and learn from both Donoso and Start. It was exciting to see also how the guys responded, this was the first time for them to do the role as teachers and I think they did the job great! Both are well willing and amibitious horses but neither of them are easy and automatic, you have to do it right to get it right. I believe in learning from getting it right, I do not think we learn from our mistakes so it is important the horse and student get as many rights into the experience as possible. Both D and S showed Chloe clearly what she needed to work on, how to use hear seat, focus on less hand and learn how to ride with legaids and weight, basically change the position and ride from back to front rather than front to back. 
Here from first day trying out horses at home.
Camaron and Chloe day 1


Start and Chloe day 1

Day 2 we took D and S to a nearby training yard to use their arena. Focusing on straightness and getting the position of the form totally correct. Donoso proved to be a good teacher of flying changes, and Start helped Chloe to get her seat into the saddle, to improve her position and to use her sensitivity of aids for transitions and collection.


In the afternoon we did homework studying some of Spains best Grand Prix riders competing in glorious sunshine, Spain at its best! And I am presenting a new selected exclusive PRE for sale, Grand Prix calificado Escalera branded Curioso JLE, contact me via 

Day 3, Chloe now alittle more sure of the guys, and we could get into more focus and feel more secure with forms and collection.

Start middletrot

Donoso and Chloe working on correct straightness, form and collection.         

And day 4, Chloe passed the final exam with these good transitions on Start!

We finished with some well earned hacking in the beautiful nature of El Escorial and of course eating!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 april 2014 01:37

Panik hittar inte Betty, övermodiga mini hund som tar sig en promenad bland unghingstarna när hon känner för det är puts väck, känner hur magen bara drar ihop sig, hon kommer alltid när matte går upp i falcett för hon vet att då menar jag det, men nej nu finns hon i n t e. Jag traskar upp och ner för hagarna, ut i grannens hagar och nästan in i grannens trädgård. INGEN liten mini hund med blå jacka, har någon bil kört förbi kidnappat henne?  Blir helt iskall av tanken fy fan, hon finns ju inte!? Har letat i 1 timme, ringer då min mamma för nu är jag helt blockerad och kan inte tänka alls. Hon säger; Vågar knappt fråga en dum fråga är du säker på att du tagit med henne? ÅÅhhhhhhhh så glad man kan bli för ett hjärnsläpp! HUR pinsamt är detta,. men så kan det gå när man är stressad och gör 100 saker samtidigt, puh, men nu känns det som jag vunnit på lotto, verkligheten är inte alltid som man tror! 

Verklighet nr 2; Picara visar att hon ska föla, sen ångrar hon sig och så försvinner alla tecknen, sen kommer de igen, lite vaxproppar, sedan inga vaxproppar etc. Jag åker fram och tillbaka till gården, morgon, eftermiddag, kväll, natt - snälla madam-P, matte är trött!!! 

Nu går det att rida på marken igen, vi har fått underbart vårväder och det är sol och stilla. Igår tränade jag och Start piaff/passage övning i cirklar runt träden, super samling och förlängde registret för övergångarna. Roligt och riktigt nöjd med fina, heta vassa Starti! Här tränar vi för ett par år sedan.

Camaron still lodging at Vikinga-hotel, I think he believes he lives here now and that I am his person, he looks to me as his leader and is very personal, we will miss him when he leaves. Finally found him his bridle and the classical vaquera style suits him best, in light bay. We are now practising levadas ridden, he's got great balance and strenght!
Young gangsters prefers to sleep outdoors but are happy to have their patio with haybar and roof over their heads when it is raining. 


Stablework outs getting me into shape and litte Chula now has her spanish haircut. Not sure I like it, she was so pretty girly in her curls but she has a upset tummy and we just needed to get rid of the hair to keep clean. And this yellow little lady can really move, today she got happy and floated elegantly over the ground! 


Keep waiting for Pica,. 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 januari 2014 20:25

Thank you so much for all the Holiday Greetings and Happy New Year wishes!!! I'm back to dirty fingernails, horsesmell and normal days. Realized these holidays that I love my normal life and that there is no place like home. I also realized Spain feels as much home as Sweden does now, I am entering my 10th year living here, I will be 40 this year and I can't wait, every woman knows how special this is, right girls?! 
I found my lovely dog and horsefamily happy and sound, relief! Start and Donoso got new swedish outdoor rugs and they fitted perfect, super happy. Finally it is raining in Madrid, small guys did not want to go outside because of rain so they got to roam free in the stable, of course they left everything in a mess like real boys. Everyone got a cleanup a chat and that was it for today, more tomorrow.

I will now sit down and answer emails and please be patient, my time will now be decicated to you I'll be right back!

So Happy New Year 2014 that is apparently the Year of the Horse according to chinese calendar, so let's make it a GREAT one, so much to look forward to, new babies, new breedingseason, new (and hopefully old:) visitors and pehaps we will have more of this fun,.  let's go are you with me?!!!




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 mars 2013 22:43

We are absolutey super bored with this constant never ending rain, mud and cold but yesterday we wrapped ourselves up and had lunch on the veranda, abit chilly but still! 

Yesterday at lunchtime


Unfortunately bay beauty USA horse did not pass vetcheck and with those xrays I am glad vet did not recommend his sale, he is now taken off the sale list. All happens for a reason and J & K will get the best horse as one thing leads to another.. :)

Halagador is spending time paddocking and seems to love life being the stud of the stable. He is such a quiet boy, the mare and foal pass him and he just looks at them in admiration without saying a word, such a gentleman. I had found him a home in USA but when we now tested for piro one of his tests where doubtful which means he cannot fly  as there is a risk for bloodlevels passing the limit when the horse is exposed to stress. So no USA home for Hagge :( He is ok for Europe, Mexico as all countries as different import protocols, his price is now also adjusted accordingly now so- who wants our black beauty!? I hope he will find his new person soon as I have no time to train him as my priorities lies elsewhere now. He is happy though I know he could be happier with his own person. 

Halagador keeping an eye on mother and son

Here Start and I grazing, only good with this rain is that WHEN sun will be back the grass growth will explode, yum can't wait to get them all on that grass!

Starti posing in front of almond blossom

Viggo loves his new play-mate Tico, when he was in hospital he searched him stall to stall and cried when he did not find him, very cute pair! Little guy is having to do indoor gym as I don't want my mother-of-pearl-cutie-pie to get wet, he's cantering around in stable whilst me and mother do the stalls. My pride and joy! 

And finally a pic of my new shopping-object! It is 1 year since I lost Laia and I have since then been searching for the one that can replace her and be my third broodmare, now I think I have found her <3


Back to work and new plans for new USA candidate + France and Sweden visits coming up!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 oktober 2012 23:03

So from no rugs to winterrugs in one day, two days ago temps dropped to 4 degrees so I was in stables 23.00 to put their rugs on, Start has already had his first bodyshave so he felt abit naked in the windy night. Tucked in their blankets we all slept well. Now we are back with thin autumn rugs, as warm sun was out they had shampoo showers after work.

Start is doing serious work, we learned from our Grand Prix that we have to work on that part as we had a register of bucking, levadas and kicking added to the program, hmm.. Being the strict teacher now I am focusing on projecting his hot temperament into controlled power and energy instead of fire and explosiveness. From his fire he gets his spectacular movements so I am not trying to take it out of him nor change him, just organize it creatively. I always warm him up in back first in trot and canter. Then I choose trot or canter excercises as it is too much to do all excercises of both on his level. But Start chooses (the way I feel him for the day) and today we did both trot and canter. It is very easy for him to do tempis but with his temperament he sometimes skips off adding a one when we are doing the threes and twos. So today I trained the 3s and 2s on circle and then did the ones. It was very good as tempis on a circle is great way to get the horse straight and in between aids. So after that the tempi ones was automatic, I just had to set him off and he finished the 15 great. If he makes a mistake I don't punish, I just make him repeat it. If he is naughty I tell him off by my voice. When he has done all excercises well or one especially well I stop. So after the tempis ones today I stopped and he got his dinner. 

Naughty but happy Start in GP


Still a clean flying change after rodeo diagonal :)


Passage and trotwork was better..  



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 september 2012 11:17

What a thriller, exciting! Total adrenalin rush and quite alot of meditation on that is what sums it up for me! 

Last monday I decided to do it, with new medication I have been feeling stronger and I thought, it's now or it might be never, who knows if I will get better or worse, living is now, now, NOW! 

So I had three days to practice the GP at home and set us up. Most difficult was the zigzag across centre line, so we practiced that a litte more. The tempi ones were spotless, just started him off and he did all 15 clear. Piaffe, passage, pirouettes and extentions I felt very comfortable with. Since Start was tired physically at last competition I decided to boost him up with more energy food and some fisio with laser and nebulizer. Me? I just tried to eat.. I did try to get help from a trainer but it didn't work out. Then I begged Javier to video me so I could correct myself, but that didn't happen either. It was me and Start.

I had insect repellent all over and warm-up was in cool indoor arena so very pleasant. But this time Start transformed into a young stallion type colt, not bombproof.. Perhaps alittle too much boosting-up? I did a normal warm-up because when he is hot lots of riding just fires him up even more. But entering the arena Start fired up like a New Years Eve and I was sitting on explosive fireworks.. Acute meditation had to be set in. Miraculously my own nerves evaporated and left was just a great feeling; We were entering our first Grand Prix, it was just me and my beautiful horse, in the sun and with a big inside smile! 

I enjoyed so much, even the fireworks he added to the show.. Start is just an awesome horse and GP is his level. Yes he is difficult to ride but so much fun and when I get him bombproof he will be dangerous! 



I got 6 from all the judges which I thought was quite generous since we had many mistakes. Start got 4-4,5.. Judge (female) comment; 

'Very difficult horse to ride, very difficult horse to judge'. Submission, submission :)' 


We did it! My dream came true..


More pictures here;


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