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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 augusti 2022 17:19

Back in Sweden for a reset! Did a bioresonance scan before I left and now I am going to take care of myself and get the body in balance. Working from here so it's not a real holiday but I needed a change of scenery after loosing Start and having Artico in surgery and moving horses around in the heat is exhausting and stressful. The boys Llamativo VIK and Artico VIK and Viva VIK are all together and in professional training so I can relax. Ole VIK is at home in Guadarrama, I have started to work him alittle as he needs to be stimulated and get's bored now when he doesn't have Start as a company. 
So happy to be with my girls again! Proud of them both are very special. Quinie VIK is very tall and well built, she will have to do some championships for sure. Runa is super elegant, sweet as sugar and very social. Lovely quality and both buckskin pearl, I had a vision to breed a new generation of mares and these are definitely the ones. My parents are taking such excellent care of them, never have they had such glow to their coats and they are thriving, sleeping in their luxury suites every day with perfect bedding and quality food. Sweden is undoubtedly the best place for breeding and for young horses to grow up, the food is spectacular although this year they are having a very dry summer and the grass is gone. It is rather a question of not giving them too much, Picara has quite a belly. As she had her foal late this year she is not going to be covered, she gets a year to herself. She deserves it after all those years breeding. 

Here are the girls from today! 

Born 2021

By Artico VIK - Viva VIK - Brillantino VIK 

2 weeks!
By Picara PM - Pearl of Peace EV - Revoltoso XXIX

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 december 2020 17:33

In the middle of the winter here, today we woke up to a snowing world! Coziness is on, fire is on 24 hours and christmas decorations are up.

Life goes on riding my boys daily, Tico is so much fun now, we are playing with all the laterals, canter pirouettes and I am confirming the quality of the flying changes! My love bug  

        We have had amazing autumn weather here making farmlife pleasant, horses grazing and eating the Fresno leaves rich of silica under the sun. I have been efficient this summer and contracted people to clean fields and cut the wood for my fireplace. Love the feeling of recycling and heating my house with farm wood that has been sheltering my horsefamily. Its a very grounding feeling to pick wood and bring it home, when I lived in Sweden we used to pick mushrooms and berries in the forest which gave me the same lovely down to earth feeling. 

Hidalgo is now a very happy gelding, he will be living in Sweden at a luxury farm with friends and fields going into the forest, indoor arena and a absolutely beautiful stable. 

His full brother Fiero VIK has recieved the genetic color test result and is it is now confirmed he has the brilliant and rare combination ggAaEeCr which means he has the possibility of bringing down ALL colour combinations even palomino, just like his son Olé VIK that is the super rare colour smoky pearl. The difference is as Olé is a double dilute and he guarantees a Cr gene to offspring whilst Fiero only gives a 50% chance bringing down the Cr gene. So much fun!

Listed colours; 

Smokey Cream
Smokey Cream
Smokey Pearl
Buckskin Pearl
Palomino Pearl
By Donoso VII - Novedosa PM
Buckskin ggAaEeCCrNN

And may I suggest some lovely christmast presents!! I have been working intensively and I am quite excited by the horses I have listed recently.
Ref; TOX - Top class PSLusitano just pure eyecandy!
Ref; HOG Super dressage PRE doing piaffe, passage, counter canter, canter pirouettes, passage half pass, tempis!
Ref; NEL Luxury cremello unicorn lusi!
Ref; TER - Black gentleman PRE Competing Prix St George!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 november 2020 00:21

So time flies when you are having fun lol. I have never been so much time on my own. Riding my boys daily and working my business and watching series on Netflix. Did you see My Octopus Teacher? See it, its on Netflix really beautiful documentary. We have had amazing autumn weather here making farmlife pleasant, horses grazing and eating the Fresno leaves rich of silica under the sun. I have been efficient and contracted people to clean fields and cut the wood for my fireplace. Love the feeling of recycling and heating my house with same wood from the farm that has been sheltering my horsefamily. Its a very grounding feeling to pick wood and bring it home, when I lived in Sweden we used to pick mushrooms and berries in the forest which gave me the same feeling of down to earth. I used to train my horses in the forest, arena once a week and the rest forest workouts.
Hidalgo is now a very happy gelding, he will be living in Sweden at a lovely farm with friends and fields going into the forest, indoor arena and a beautiful stable.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 oktober 2020 21:14

Had a lovely sunny weekend with lovely friends and we enjoyed Spain at its best, sunny warm weather with delicious food, special vermouths and hanging out in garden and with horses. My farm is so pretty now with the leaves turning and the ground is still dry and green as we get this second grass now. This afternoon the weather turned and got chilly so rugs are back on, at least they got 4 days with sun shining on their backs. Tomorrow back with routine of training Start, Fiero and sweet Hidalgo that is sold but will be staying in training until next year. And I am viewing horses for clients this week. 

This will be Ole´s last week with his mami, he is 5 months now and huge so I reckon its time. brother Llamativo who is hanging out with Start next doors. Completely in love with Ole, I must have done something good to recieve a horse like that he is truly a gift from the horse-gods, so thankful.  Next week Ole´s new playmate will arrive, it's a PSL foal I have selected for a client that is starting a new Lusitano breeding program, he is sired by an exceptional perlino PSL stud of the Palha line which represents the old type mainly based in Veiga blood, the PSL typically bred for bullfighting, not too tall, baroque type that easily learn the high school movements, classy and smart. The sire is an exclusive perlino, one of my hidden treasures that I offer my serious PSL clients, he is 5 years old, extremely talented and well trained. 100% temperament. Piro free and xrayed. 

Ref; LOP 5 years, advanced perlino PSLusitano stud working advanced level. 

Pics from Vikinga-finca this weekend, have a great new week everyone!  

Fiero VIK 


Hidalgo VIK - In training, sold to Sweden
Girls Picara PM and Viva VIK
Ole VIK By Fiero VIK - Picara PM
Llamativo VIK - Born 2018, full brother to Ole VIK


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 september 2020 16:49

So the rain has been pouring down and we feel refreshed and rugs are on. I love the seasons even though the summer is my favourite, but the darker colder days are also lovely as you can be cosy with candles and the fireplace. 

Hidalgo has passed 5* prepurchase exam and he was completely clear on xrays. The xray machines are now with such high quality and normally we see some kind of finding being relevant or not, so completely clear xrays are highly unusual. With only 4 years Hidalgo has already been a shoolhorse for students including young children and we will miss our sweet stallion. Proud of the the genes of my babies. Congratulations to his new owner and I wish them both the very best life!!  

Hidalgo VIK - By Donoso VII - Novedosa PM

Born 2016, Buckskin Cr


ANCCE has done a new study and denomination of the genetics and its colours, I enclose the writeup below for your interest. I am having 4 of my horses tested to get them registered with their new denominations, which are in my opinion now much more clear and descriptive. 
Artico VIK (ggEEAaCrprl) was before perlino, now he is buckskin pearl (baya perla). He has been to summerschool for 1month as I had my knee injured, he is developing his talent nicely. 

Artico VIK August 2020.

Picara PM, Artico VIKs mother, is (EEAaCrCrgg) and she was previously called perla, now she is perlino. 


ANCCE report;

A wide range of terms are used by labs, breeders and others to identify a horse’s coat color. Until now, the genetic analysis that determined Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE) coat colors and the results that appear in the PRE Stud Book (LG PRE ANCCE) had always been performed by external laboratories, to then accept these names.

Since the creation of our own PRE Molecular Genetics laboratory (ANCCELAB) in 2019, all of the corresponding techniques were fine-tuned. Work proceeded to analyze the genes that intervene in PRE coat colors. For the benefit of breeders, and greater understanding, the LG PRE ANCCE stud book office has changed certain coat color names; at the same time, these have been adapted to coincide with those used by most international laboratories. 

With this in mind, as of Wednesday, March 11th, 2020, the names used to describe certain coat colors will be as indicated in the table below:


  • Likewise, the name of the wild type allele in the Pearl marker changes; it goes from “p” to “N” with the allele producing the dilution appearing as “Prl”.
  • In those horses with at least one G allele in its Grey marker, independently of the rest of the coat color markers, it will continue to be called GREY.
  • The low dash (_) referring to the marker in the genotype indicates that any allele of that marker may be present. For example: in the case of gene A: A_ (the _ could be AA or Aa); __ (could be either AA, Aa or aa) and the same holds true for the rest of the genes. 

The names used for all other genotypes remain the same.

These changes will appear on both the LG PRE ANCCE stud book web site and APP, as well as on all Equine ID documents issued as Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

Equine Identification Document (EID) 

The new results from genetic coat color analysis carried out from now on will be indicated in the Equine Identification Document (EID) using the new coat color names. 

In terms of the results for coat colors carried prior to the date indicated, those horses will maintain the previous names as already indicated on their EID. 

LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book Web Site & APP

Both the ANCCE web site and the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book App will list the names as indicated below on all new analysis:

  • PERLINO (previously PEARL)
  • SMOKEY PEARL (previously PERLINO)

Coat color analysis performed prior to March 11, 2020 will appear as follows:

  • Isabella (NAME USED PRIOR TO MARCH 11, 2020)
  • PERLA (currently PERLINO)
Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 september 2020 22:17

Entering autumn but we are still with warmth and lovely temperatures, the blessing of this country for sure is its climate. Last night we had a fullmoon pizza-picnic after riding lessons  

Indigo's export procedures are now done, this week we APTO approved him for breeding, his colour genetics are being issued and today I have was at the lawyers office and signed the 'acta'. This is a legal document where I as an owner/breeder guarantees he has not been bred nor moved during the last 6 months which is essential for the quarantene protocol of a virgin stallion.

Today I had his feet trimmed and he is eating like a horse lol as I want him to gain weight before the journey. This baby is going to travel far far away! 

Indigo VIK - ready to fly to his new home next week in New York. 


Viva VIK is now also approved for breeding, she went snorty 'dragon' and did her flashy trot that she was awarded an 8 for trot (9 the highest) such a proud horse-mami! She has totally changed personality since she got pregnant she is a softy now used to be miss I-don't-want-to-do-it-your-way. Now she lowers head and wants cuddles even when farrier is fixing nails that he did yesteray. We will now break her in gently so she can be ridden when she has her foal. Can't wait to rider her. My tall golden señorita  

Viva VIK 3 years

And Olé is now registered with the studbook and getting his colour chart done. Love him, so soft and kind and unicorny. And the tallest baby I have ever had. Total love-bug, bless mami Pica for giving me all these special babies she is such a queen and the kindest of horses. 


OLÈ VIK - 4 months
By Fiero VIK - Picara PM - Donoso VII



And here's a movie of Fiero-baby 5 years and his 3 progeny; 



Vikingafamily wishing you a lovely weekend! 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 juli 2020 10:18

Oh I so appreciate one of my clients calling in yesterday, being so sincere and appreciative wow it got me all emotional, how lovely are people really, thanks so much. This is a 100% engage all in-job, all hours, and when you wear your heart on your sleeve its your blessing and the same time your curse because you want everyone to end up happy but that's not all up to me obviously. You cannot do this job well without engaging personally in every person and horse and their match. Like my client that called said, you sell a dream, a family member and it can't be more personal. I don't talk about my private life alot but I have gone through 7 misscarriages in my life, 2 longer ones and last one not too long ago. So when we had to (I can't even say the word, see?) terminate Viva's twin-pregnancy to make her safe for first pregnancy it gets to me big time and triggers anxiety. I am all for letting nature having its course but I feel we have to avoid unnessary risks for the ones we are responsable for. Viva was not supposed to exist, remember her mum got in foal with only 2 years but still she she came as a big blessing. This year Artico got Viva in foal twice, each one a single covering so he has done his 100% and now Viva is re-confirmed in foal and I feel so relieved and excited! And thanks again to Jorge, without this super vet I would not continue breeding as simple as that. And I love it, I really do. Olé is my heart and joy, that foal is one of a kind unicorn,.

OLÉ VIK - By Fiero VIK and Picara PM 3 months old


Here's a little vision-movie I made of 'Tico' & 'Vivi';


And now Indigo VIK has now passed 50 xrays and if he is also piro free he is sold to the important dressage nation USA. So proud of him, he moves so well with super rideability and so smart. 

INDIGO VIK By Picara PM & Donoso VII


And baby Nova has arrived safely to her new home in Denmark, so relieved that she is safe at home but I still have alittle separation anxiety when I look at the girls herd, its hard to leave your babies! Nova is such a confident special girl, so funny seeing her bossing around all her older 3 year old sisters being the youngest, she's a winner for sure. Good luck sweet girl, love you. 

NOVA VIK - By Fiero VIK - Picara PM


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 juli 2020 14:18

In the middle if the hot summer and enjoying sun and crickets, I have the least used swimmingpool in Spain, it doesn't get over freezing cold temps need to get a heating system like solarpanel to get it barable to enter. I clean it every day though, so much glam in my life lol. 
So as we are still Corona-bound I am working away as there is not much else to do, Nova is leaving next week, TRACES are issued and after her convalescent weeks she is now perfect to travel to her new home in Denmark.

My little sweet baby girl, will be hard to say goodbye to her she's so smart and cool. I look at my babies and as adults they have the same proportions and identical expression as when they were 3-6 months. So this is the time to look at a young horse if you want to know what it will look like as an adult. Nova's new owner was sure she wanted her so even though we have never met and I don't know her personally, I reckon she has seen what kind of horse she is becoming. 

Nova VIK 3 months old



And this gorgous black PRE (yes he is genetically black), has passed pre-purchase exam and is now sold to Sweden. He also passed my scissors, Im the resonsable one for his modern haircut,. Congrats to new owner, wish you a life of lots of fun together!! Thanks to vet Jorge and his team for the 5***** prepurchase exam in the scorching heat.

HIL - PRE gelding born 2009



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