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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 maj 2015 14:14

Gacela got a fever and is now back on medication, again she could not get up as she was weak so now she is back on medication. Got fever down so today she is better. Fiero injured himself and was on 3 legs but he is back on 4 now. He's the coolest guy let me bandage and ice his leg no problem, my kind of horse.

And this is also my type of horse even though this one I have forwarded to someone else so he's sold, a black PRE selected for dressage and he will be going to live in USA.

CAFY; PRE born 2008


Has also vetted this gorgeous black PRE mare, she's a cool one doing passage etc and just adorable. The plan with her is to make several happy will tell you more about her project. 

LAILA - PRE mare born 2009


Celebrated my birthday with 2 and 4 legged family, somewhat quickly because I was out with clients that day, as always fun connecting with new horse-people.

Best birthday present, Ella 1 month. 

I have decided to offer Chula and Euforia for sale and keep this years foals instead. So there is a new section on my web, Vikinga horses for sale, where these girls are presented with pictures and video. I might just sell one of them but now I offer both for sale, if one get's sold I am planning take the other one off the market and keep for my own breeding. 


Donoso just had his first PRE offspring bred and born in USA, it's a beautiful dark bay colt!

Congratulations to Lindsey and Grulla!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 mars 2015 10:37

April is lined up! There is no limit to the fantastic connections and activities our horses create for us, I have been invited to go to Israel to hold a course for the PRE riders and the dates and participants are now set up, one competition is lined up with Donoso and Start, visiting clients are booked in and I have some serious selecting to do, all in for April! On top of that it seems like my ladies might join in for the April happenings because our weather turned cold again and with that the mares seem to have decided to keep their foals inside. Next week is fullmoon so I am guessing they will pop little pocorns then?! The Novedosa-Donoso should be first and name has to start with an F. Picara-Donoso (if second) will have a name starting with a G, name suggestions are welcome, both foals will be for sale, I have not enough time for more horses!!!

Dam; Picara PM 
Picara has two offsprings, Artico VIK and Euforia VIK
Dam; Novedosa PM
Nova has one offspring, Chula VIK

Sire; Donoso VII - Reproductor Calificado - PRE Champion - Dressage Prix St George

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 januari 2015 20:22

Whilst everyone are busy with holidays right now here in Spain me and my collaborators are busy working. I am viewing horses with visitors, selecting and preparing for next visitors, I have already sold two 2015 exports to USA, looks like 2015 is going to be a busy year! Stable workouts for me and the boys, I have been treating Donoso's leg intensely and he is now free from lameness and swelling so I will start low excercise, hurra!!

Super happy to get this message and pic from PRE breeder client, thanks alot it totally made my day :)

'Hi Viktoria, here's a picture from the revision this summer, he's turning out to be a great stud stallion and he got good quality numbers by the spanish guy that came to revise him!
So thanks for this great purchase love him very much and also that you have been very good with me when it came to purchasing good quality, can't thank you enough'


Sweden 2015 testride!

And Donoso is right now breeding PRE babies in Australia, so cool!        

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 december 2014 13:41

Hope you have had a lovely week of Christmas! We had a long run of sunshine and as we swedes are used to the dark we had to close the curtains to be able to get into the cosy-xmas feeling with lit candles etc. This year we left some of our beloved family behind in Sweden but were happy to get to know a new family member Maja. As Maja can't hear anything we practiced signlanguage which turned out to be real fun because you have to really connect and pay attention when communicating. Maja is not only a football girl she also knows how to ride and communicate with horses, so on christmas eve we socialized in the sun and had some horse-fun!

Yesterday I found D in paddock with a leasion - punch in the tummy-feeling - left frontleg very swollen in various places and did not want to put weight on leg at all. I found a flat and big stone and I am guessing he has probably tripped on this one and dislocated his hoof/leg whilst playing. Things that happens when a horse get to be a horse. So I cooled with cold water for 30 min, dried leg and massaged with Arnica and left him with a hot bandage and Hyal Acid and antiinflammatory. Today he was alittle less swollen and able to put alittle more weight on the leg. I cooled with ice, did laser treatment, Furacin massage with a hot bandage and gave antiflammatory, ASEA and Hyal Acid. Hopefully he is even better tomorrow. I have had my most beautiful D exactly 6 years now and he has not been lame even once before. He did injure himself also in paddock in Sweden, no lameness but I felt he did not pass the flying change as well to the left as he did to the right. So with a super hight tec ultrasound we could find a bleeding inside the cross ligament. But he still competed and won the Swedish Championships for PRE and became Absolute Champion and Champion Functionality with highest scores ever! D has a super strong physique so I am hoping he will also heal super-fast so we can compete together 2015, please please please I need this horse well!!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 december 2014 20:25

I was going to do a resume of the year but I rather look forward and say how thankful I am for my friends and for the the old and new connections I have/made with people and horses, thank You, it's the connections which gives magic to life and the living!
Vikinga herd is now enjoying their home in harmony of a natural environment and I am so grateful to have been able to make this dream possible for my animals and by myself, terracotta stable, new paddocks and my  w o n d e r f u l arena, I made it!! This is how we enjoy a weekend at the farm, my världens bästa dad has just finished our new paddocks and some painting and my mother is helping me so I get time to ride in the middle of all christmas, business and farm-tending.
So with these pics we want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, with peace and happiness for all!! 

Super smart incredible Start enjoying his life!
Thank you Donoso, my inspiration to all.      




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 oktober 2014 21:59

We are having incredible weather here now and Starti has had his first bodyshave, the others doesn't get hairy at all. With new groom in the mornings I have more energy to do more things in the afternoon. Arena is now moist and our second round for grass is sprouting just lovely to see horses grazing abit again after the dry summer.
Here a normal saturday morning, Start does his roll in one corner of the arena, roams around freely until I saw he was going for the acorns, then the fun stopped, nono don't want any gascolics here. Incredible how Start can find things to eat always. Donoso and Viggo playing in the field. Did some shots of the girls with mummies in the evening sun, will post later, enjoying seeing them together but they will have to get independent soon. 
Start and Donoso, Betty and Viggo. 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 september 2014 14:12

Summer still here, we are all up for some water now but then I'm sure it will come and then we start agonizing about the mud so better enjoying the moment of sunshine as long as it lasts I for sure love it! Making preparations for the coming months and have been interwieving 2 stable staff, first one did not have the touch, forgot the gate to the mares was open, girls got out and fell over the weelbarrow and well what can I say it was just not meant to be. My animals need to be in good safe hands that's just how it has to be.
So we are now celebrating second mare selected and passed vetting for South Africa! After two failed vetchecks it is all about attitude and looking at how things are meant to be always for the best because they are and we are now very greatful we will be able to send this excellent filly!! Super ahtletic 3 year old 165cm girl and the extra happy news are that she will not be going alone because she'll be carrying a Donoso baby, D-linage to SA - great stuff!

Here Donoso playing with Viggo in the monday morning sunshine 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 maj 2014 21:44

And finally it is raining! Perfect timing, now we will have green pastures for another month, so good for us!! I have had visitors from Sweden this week and got all the horses teeth done, very happy about that, thanks alot best Janne!

New guy 'Capi' gets his teeth done
And Ulrika on Camaron

Capi has had his castration surgery done which went perfect and the lower temps are perfect for healing so all great. Today he has been working out light on the pessoa and so did Donoso, Start and Camaron. A kind spanish woman came driving down to the stables and called out asking if I had a galgo in a blue jacket, she had just stopped him from the highway, naughty Viggo, not sure how he got out but tomorrow I have to go over fences, again. Gracias gracias gracias!
Knabstrupper Tania in Denmark has had another baby colt from Donoso, this time a PRE! Will post pictures here. Looks like Tania is going to get all boys, D has had more fillies that colts so far so Tania's baby quote will even out his gender statistics. D has one PRE partbreed boy, three PRE and one Knabstrupper colt, the rest are all females! And at least two PRE girls born 2010 and 2012 waiting to be registered. If you want to breed with the purpose of selling the offspring I can recommend to breed with Donoso and contact me when offspring is born as I have clients interested in buying his offspring, especially colts but also other requirements as specific bloodline combinations. I have been in contact with the breeders that used D but most do not want to sell, which is also great news of course! 
Donoso VII May 2014


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